To join

the Australian Terrier Club of South Australia Inc.

The Club was formed in 1997, incorporated in 2010

It has the following aims:

  • To educate owners in the appropriate care of the Breed, such as care, training and breeding
  • To provide as venue to owners of Australian Terriers to meet
  • To promote the Breed to the general public
  • To run Club activities for pet,obedience and show owners of Australian Terriers
  • To serve as a public relations organization for the breed.
***   We have a Club CODE OF ETHICS    ****

Our activities have included screening a film of the History of Terriers (including Australian Terriers),
access to to older breeders who can guide and answer any questions,
care and grooming sessions, Club dinners, a Terrier Fun Day
and lure racing with the Jack Russell Club.

Our Club newspaper, the AUSSIE NEWS, is published every three months.  
This contains articles about Aussies, social news, and information.   
We share the joy of owning Australian Terriers and give help on any care problems that may arise.
We rescue  Aussies who need help.

Application for membership to the the Australian Terrier Club of South Australia
is open to all who care for and are interested in the breed.

 Please click the link  to download membership form

H E R E 

SET OUR PRINTER TO PRINT LANDSCAPE [you get two forms side by side!]

                    then post to the Treasurer with your subscription:

 Single Membership is $15 annually or $20 Double
Overseas Members - $27 if posted airmail
(4 copies per year)

Members receive AUSSIE NEWS every three months. 
We also have social activities such as lunches,
dinners or picnics in a park with your Aussie regularly 
                                                         Our Annual General Meeting is held
                                                every November and members are requested to attend.

                                      Club badges and spoons are available from the Secretary at $10 each. 

We also stock Puppy Care booklets (send $5 to Treasurer, to cover printing and postage)
($50 plus postage $12, approx $30 airmail to overseas)
Order through - payment can be through Paypal.

Breeder's Directory for
Aussie News -
this listing is published in the club newspaper and on the website,
it is given to all persons inquiring about puppies or stud dogs. 

Listing is $10 annually. Please give your kennel name and colours available.

A statement that you adhere to your State's Canine Association's
Code of Ethics is also required for this listing.

Your application for membership will be tabled at our next meeting
and you will be notified of the result by letter.

TREASURER: 1 Coorong Court, PORT NOARLUNGA 5167 or by Club EMAIL

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