Code of Ethics


Australian Terrier Club

of South Australia Inc.

Code of Ethics

General Health:  

Members should maintain their dogs in the best possible health, having them regularly checked by a veterinarian.

General Care: 

They should be properly housed, fed, watered and exercised. The property where dogs are resident should be effectively fenced or enclosed to prevent accidental egress of the dogs. All dogs should be registered with the local municipal council.

Community Relations

Members should ensure that their dogs are not a nuisance to their neighbours or the community in general.   Members should ensure that their dogs are under proper and effective control at all times.  


a)            Members should not mate bitches until after their second season.

b)            Members should not mate the same bitch in consecutive seasons.

c)             If accidental mating occurs on consecutive seasons causing the bitch to whelp, she should not be mated again for a period of twelve months from the date of birth of the puppies from that second whelping.

d)            Members should not breed from dogs or bitches that have hereditary defects including hip dysplasia, eye disorders, bad temperament and structural defects.

e)            Members should not mate purebred dogs to dogs of another breed or crossbred dogs.

Selling Puppies

a)            Members should not sell or donate puppies to any commercial outlet.

b)            Puppies should be placed in good homes to whom sufficient information is supplied regarding diet, health and care for the first twelve months.

c)             Puppies should not be sold under eight weeks of age, i.e. after their six weeks of age vaccination has had the recommended two weeks to take effect.

d)           Puppies in poor health should not be sold.

Canine Associations

South Australian Members of DOGS SA are also bound to abide by their Code of Ethics as our interstate and overseas members are by their own Canine Association's rules.

The Rules of the South Australian Canine Association can be downloaded from here

The A.T.C. of America's Code of Ethics are here


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