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These dogs have been reported as CLEAR of Von Willebrand's Disease and Degenerative Myelopathy. ATCSA has copies of their reports

  1. Ch. Tasdale What Ever [imp NZL]              Male         Reg. 00100-2011                 o.  C. Gower SA
  2. Ch. Tainquest Etched NGold                        Female     Reg. 5100074194                o.  C. Gower SA
  3. Ch. Painui The Sandman  [imp NZL]         Male         Reg. 01074-2011                 o.  Laspamas Kennels NSW
  4. Ch Teraustralis Wrobyn                               Female     Reg. 5100068612                o.   Gillian Bartlett  SA
  5. Ch. Teraustralis Flash Jack                          Male         Reg. 5100041211                 o.  Gillian Bartlett SA
  6.       Laspamas Proven Red                            Male         Reg. 2100438208                 o.  Laspamas Kennels NSW
  7. Ch. Laspamas Velocity Boy                          Male         Reg. 2100438208                o.  Laspamas Kennels  NSW
  8.       Teraustralis Josefina                               Female     Reg, 5100085049                o. C. Gower, SA
  9.       Tainquest The Joker                                Male         Reg. 5100091636                o. C. Gower, SA
  10.       Tainquest Ima Stunna                             Female     Reg. 5100081234                 o. V. Micallef, Qld
  11.       Tainquest Ima Gambler                          Male         Reg. 5100091637                 o. V. Micallef, Qld
  12.        Cliftop Magical Moments                      Female     Reg. 2100343518                o. V. Micallef, Qld
  13.       Tineetown Topper                                   Male        Reg. 3100279798                 o.  Megan Scott, Victoria
  14.       Laspamas Nomad Queen                        Female    Reg. 2100429973                o.  Laspamas Kennels NSW
  15.       Terrioz Go Gettem                                   Female    Reg. 2100453367                o.  Laspamas Kennels NSW
  16. Ch. Terrioz Bessy Bossy Boots                    Female     Reg. 2100381313                o.  Laspamas Kennels NSW
  17. Ch/NZ Ch Laspamas Golden Belle              Female     Reg. 2100291676                 o. Laspamas Kennels N SW 
  18. Ch. Laspamas My Golden Lady                   Female      Reg. 2100419712                 o. Laspamas Kennels NSW   
  19. Ch/NZ Ch Laspamas Dare Devil                  Male         Reg. 2100373241                  o. Laspamas Kennels NSW
  20.    Laspamas Gypsy Girl                                Female     Reg. 2100379965                  o. Laspamas Kennels NSW  
  21.    Laspamas Waterlily                                   Female     Reg. 2100340600                  o. Laspamas Kennels NSW
  22.    Laspamas Hello Dolly                               Female     Reg.  2100393281                 o. Laspamas Kennels NSW  
  23.    Wilolane Edges Dreamtime                       Female     Reg. 4100253346                  o. P. Oswald, S.A.
  24.    Terrioz Everlasting Xtraspecial                 Male           Reg. 2100416675                 o. Salter & Gann, NSW
  25.     Redgundi Smoke N Fire                           Male          Reg. 2100464497                  o.Margaret Anderson NSW
  26.     Redgundi Simply Smoking Hot               Female      Reg. 2100464500                   o.Margaret Anderson  NSW
  27.     Laspamas U R The Topgun                      Male          Reg. 2100464060                   o. Laspamas Kennels NSW
  28.     Teraustralis Macallan CCD                     Male         Reg. 5100094153                    o. Gillian Bartlett, S.A.
  29.     Mittlesista Sweet N Sassy [AI] BECCA   Female     Reg. 3100353542                   o. Megan Scott, Victoria
  30.     Mittlesista Smarty Pants [AI] STUART   Male         Reg. 3100037621                    o. Peter Oswald, S.A .
  31.     Paxterr Shoodbe A Star                             Male        Reg. 5100087507                    o. Peter. Oswald, S.A. 
  32.     Taufield Memrys R Maid Of This            Female      Reg. 4100260386                    o. Kathleen O'Donnell, Qld
  33.     Ch. Ralindi Fly Scotsman  [imp UK]       Male          Reg. AP00476301                  o.  Sharon Gilkison, NSW  
  34.    Ch. Lemonlee Lady Lexus                        Female       Reg. 7100035094                   o. Veronica Micallef Qld
  35.    Veraicon Magic Monkey                           Male          Reg. 41200291513                  o.  Veronica Micallef Qld
  36.    Cumalong Sir Roly Poly                           Male          Reg. 41010299729                  o. Moira Hicks, SA  (DM)


  •   Redgundi Ruffneck Lad                     Male            Reg. 2100436823                    o. H. Rowney  
                                     POSITIVE CARRIER of DEG. MYELOPATHY -this dog has been desexed and placed in a pet home  
  •    held by ATCSA Secretary

 ORIVET GENETIC PET CARE state that 40% of the Australian Terriers tested
are positive carriers of Degenerative Myelopathy, but no Von Willebrand's Disease detected

Other results are available

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