Finnish Poem

One more doesn't do any harm!

Do you want a dog? Well, only one?
Your pack starts to grow.
Next you will find out, you are already poor
neighbours start to whisper that you are a fool.

There is no trouble with one, and two is fun,
third is easy and fourth doesn't hurt.
Fifth is lovely and even
sixth doesn't matter.
The house fills up with dogs in no time at all.

Well, do you dare to play, how about one more?
Maybe I could keep it in the crate in the kitchen.
On the beds and
couches there is still room,
taking care of one more coat doesn't ruin the evening.

They can behave, they are no trouble.
Maybe I can find room for one more.
There is hair on the sofa, can't see through the windows,
on the floor rugs disappear in the dust.

Maybe taking care of the home suffers,
but who cares about few nose marks in the window or some hair?
If we keep this puppy, I'll promise more time
for cleaning and tidying the house.

There is no limit to the amount of dogs
and without one of them your pack would be incomplete.
Everyone is important and beloved.
Bills and debts just keep increasing.

Relatives don't visit and friends will leave you,
except the dog friends who have the same numbers.
The lawn and bushes seem to be withered
when shows and competitions fill your weekends.

Dogfood, vitamins, exercises, vaccinations
and shows and competitions and travel costs.
Was this the set-up? Am I dead soon?
Then your favourite little dog puts his head on to your knee.

He looks at you lovingly and you decide to keep on going.
You keep the whole pack whatever it will cost.
One star dog for showing, one for breeding,
one for a lapdog, everyone fulfil some needs.

The winter is bad, even dogs don't like it.
They will need their runs although is snow
or your face is blue out of cold weather
and you can get them out only by forcing them.

Dogs and shows, thrills and treats
inconveniences and worries, stress and payments.
All is worth it, the dog are your life
So lovely and charming and your best friends.

Your world is changed; nothing is the same
when a person is totally owned by his dogs.

Author unknown
(translated from the original Finnish by Eira Malmsten)



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