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is a rugged little dog first developed in Australia from about 1820.  Various terrier breeds were brought out to the colony from Britain since settlement as they were valued as vermin killers and guard dogs, as well as companions.   The breed was recognized under ROUGH COATED TERRIER in 1850, and renamed the AUSTRALIAN TERRIER in 1892.  

It fulfills the need for a hardy, fearless, adaptable small dog to combat the rodent population as well as being a watchdog and companion.  It has a reputation for being a ratter, snake killer and all round farm dog.   Today, Aussies are more likely to be a family dog hunting around the yard, minding their owners or going to dog shows, but their instinct are still there when there is a mouse or a rabbit about.

A sturdy, low-set dog about 25 cm high, the Australian Terrier has pricked ears, and a harsh, straight and dense coat with a short undercoat, and is either blue and tan or may be red/sandy.   They have loads of personality, love company, are very intelligent and are an excellent family dog.

They need a weekly brush and the occasional bath.   Twice a year the coat will drop, and then they need vigorous brushing every day to keep the dead coat stripped out.   They like a good run and play and enjoy a trip outside (though on the lead, as they tend to explore a lot).

They should be vaccinated regularly (current veterinary recommendation is every 2- 3 years).  Also ask the vet to trim their nails when you have your dog being checked.

Australian Terriers are hardy little dogs suitable for farm or city life, capable of adapting to most situations.  

Their small size means that they have no trouble with restricted living spaces, assuming regular access to outdoors for exercise.                                                               Isobel with James and  Sandie                                                                                                                          
A love of, and devotion, to their family makes them reliable children's playmates as well as older folk, provided they give them regular exercise and appreciate their 'true blue' loyalty and protection. 

Australian Terrier Club
of South Australia Inc.
Affiliated with the South Australian Canine Association
Established 1997

     Club email:    click here

Australian Terrier Rescue:
Please contact your Aussie's breeder first if you cannot keep him. 
If this is not possible, contact our Rescue Service .. 

Sandra Westbrook  Phone    - Email

President:          Graham Nolan             Phone:     

Secretary:          Gillian Bartlett             Phone     -        Email

Treasurer:         Cerrie Gower                 Phone   -         Email

Aussie News:    Gillian Bartlett             Phone    -        Email

Social Events:    Barbara McIntyre       Phone     -        Email


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